Showreel 2023

A small compilation of projects from the past couple of years.

The Essence of Being Queer

with Fado Bicha

Fado Bicha is a project that involves music and activism, approaching fado music with updated views on gender expression and representation of the LGBTI community. In this visual essay, the project's creators, Lila Tiago & João Caçador, talk about growing up queer, Portugal, gender, and queer awareness.

Recorded in August 2020.

Direction & Animation: Gui Athayde
Sound Design: Miguel Madeira

Mummification in Ancient Egypt

National Geographic Germany

Animated infographic.

Let’s use a bigger canvas

Animated portrait of Vanessa Teodoro, a South African-Portuguese visual artist based in Lisbon.

Journalistenpreise 2019 der bayerischen Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken

Introduction video for the Journalist Award from the bayerischen Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken.Production by Kleiner Bruder Film GbR